Mashed Potatoes – lose body weight

Calories in Mashed Potatoes

Even though plain potatoes are low in calories, mashed potatoes aren’t always healthy.  A traditional homemade serving of mashed potatoes can contain 237 calories or more when they are prepared with butter and whole milk. Some chefs even prepare mashed potatoes with heavy cream, which drives the fat and calorie count higher. And if you top your potatoes with gravy, then your total intake could exceed 400 calories.

If you love mashed potatoes, try making a healthier version with less fat.  Skip the butter and use low-fat milk or chicken stock to soften and whip the potatoes.  Or try this Garlic Mashed Potato recipe for a dish with more flavor. And remember that portion control is essential. A single serving of mashed potatoes is just one cup.


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