Potate Juice – cure cancer

Cancer early solvability of decades ago, but the truth has been concealed until the development of the Internet, the answer was gradually spread.
If a body has cancer, the most important thing is to absorb as much as possible in the short term to a maximum amount of B17. Chemotherapy seven billion dollar industry today, the number of people still rely on a living cancer than people who die of cancer
“Potato juice therapy to cure disease more and more people.”

Potato juice to drink more and more people to cure disease, is said to be able to effectively control the cancer cells.

The therapy was originally provided by the Japanese Zen monks – Tomizawa known aromatic Division, collected by the Hebei public孙建永. Some people can not drink with honey or half an apple.
Seriously ill patients need to be taken under the guidance of a doctor.

Every good people see this recipe should vigorously promote the benefit of the general public.

“Entering this year, the implementation of several ten cancer patients this treatment, but many patients gradually recovered, and even some people had felt certain death, but later saved and therefore they have to call us infinite joy in their hearts.”

Advocate potato juice therapy Zen monks – Tomizawa known aromatic Division received an enthusiastic response from Japan’s own cancer patients across the country, so once again published clinical trials example potato juice therapy.

Potato juice therapy can not only cancer, but also cured many people of liver disease, diabetes, ulcers, kidney disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, back pain and shoulder pain and other diseases. There are a variety of other diseases cured patients are starting to appear. If you are suffering from chronic diseases being of people, be sure to try.

Tomizawa division has a book, “Healthy Road – Cancer is not terrible,” he said the following words: Even with cancer surgery, but probably because of fear of the spread or total excision, constantly repeated use of anticancer drugs or do radiation therapy. But rarely heard thus cure the cancer. And the side effects of those treatments is quite large, will make people lose their appetite, the body rapidly rot, and this contrast is potato juice therapy absolutely no side effects, and can regain their strength and improve the natural healing power, it is a high food nutrition. If the long-term sustainability of this therapy, it has the magic power to suppress cancer cells.
Potato juice therapy is no danger that anyone can be implemented immediately, but in a very short period of time you can actually feel the effects. There is pain in the affected area, as long as the drink one to two weeks, the pain will be gradually reduced, there is no pain, as long as continued for some time, then increased appetite, redness of the skin improves, you can gradually resume physical strength.

“Potato juice production methods.”

The first component is prepared potato, a big one two, three, small, three, four.

1, wash the potatoes, then the removal of part of the potato sprouting.
[Note: The sprouting of potatoes and green tubers meat, containing solanine, enable people were poisoned, resulting in severe gastroenteritis symptoms to be wary of using. ]

2, and then together with skin (do not peel) with eraser wiping dishes broken, Cawan wrapped into a clean gauze or forced out of the hole in the coarse cotton linen juice forced out of juice. One can squeeze about a cup (180-200ml) of juice.

3, these juice every morning and evening for 30-60 minutes before a meal before fasting drink. If possible, have a drink before dinner. Every once finished drink, and daily sustained is the most important.
Frail people, people who can not drink, can be divided to several drinking. Or do not like to drink potato juice light man, can be incorporated into the enzyme about 30 milliliters of juice or honey, stir and drink apple juice when mixing easier.
[Note: drinking juice squeezed out immediately, but every day. And even clothes for two weeks, effective treatment. Continue after the effective continuous take. ]

But Tomizawa teacher sternly told the patient, not the potato juice as a drug run. He said: drink potato juice but still does not change the lives of people in the past indulgence, we can say that the potatoes as if Yao Guanzi, when he has been sick, but they do not control is not health, but wanted to easily take medicine to cure disease . We are sick are not accidental. Such as overeating, like food, lavish stay up late, are the cause of the disease.

As long as the last great living doing hundred and eighty degree change can be, at this time of potato juice, is the real fairy stick back to life.

“Potato nutritional analysis.”
Potatoes are called “earth apple” in Europe, apparently very high nutritional value of foods. In particular, is very rich in vitamin C and calcium, in Germany since ancient times that is drank rubbing potato treat stomach ulcers and constipation way broken juice. ”
Potatoes are rich in vitamin C, vitamin B, iron, phosphorus and calcium. Once these vitamins or minerals are absorbed into the body, the blood vessels can be unimpeded. Therefore, if continued to drink potato juice, then you can make the blood pressure remained stable.

Potatoes contain potassium can help the body’s sodium excretion, conducive to the rehabilitation of patients with hypertension and nephritis. Potatoes also lose weight, and in the stomach, spleen dampness, anti-inflammatory detoxification.

In addition, the potato juice also hay fever, eczema, constipation, a significant effect. Severe liver disease after drinking potato juice rapid recovery, severe constipation cured. Potato juice to drink urine protein completely disappeared. Potato juice can enhance body strength. Drink potato juice to chest pain disappear without medication. In addition, the shoulder stiffness and pain are no longer made.


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