Suntory launches collagen beer in Japan

Suntory launches collagen beer in Japan

15th April, 2015 by Neal Baker

Japanese producer Suntory is telling women to drink themselves beautiful using a new beer laced with collagen – the protein linked to skin firmness.

The collagen-laced beer will first be made available on Japan's northern island (Photo: Suntory)

With advertisements claiming that “guys can tell if a girl is taking collagen or not”, the 5% abv beer apparently contains two grams of collagen per can.

Named “Precious”, the company has yet to reveal how effective the beer has been in trials, or how much it costs, according to Mail Online.

Often featuring as a key ingredient in modern anti-ageing creams across the world, collagen is beginning to become popular in food and drinks.

As it gets older, the body’s reserves of collagen deplete, causing skin to lose firmness and develop wrinkles.

Preying on the hope that consuming it can tackle the onset of wrinkles, collagen beer is just the latest in a line of wacky products to hit the shelves in Japan.

Last year, Tokyo restaurant Zenyaren began serving a variety of meat skewers encased in collagen jelly.

The British Skin Foundation claims that eating collagen does not benefit the skin in any way.

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